Little Bo Peep, Crochet Pattern for 13″ Bed Doll – Book No FCM 148

crochet patterns


The benefit of crochet

  • We exercise the two cerebral hemispheres: The simple act of passing the wool through a needle and then through another greatly improves our brain coordination. Mental dexterity will further enhance said rhythm and coordination.
  • Reduce stress: The simple crochet patterns for baby blankets and focusing attention on the task opens the doors to a state of calm that brings benefits to people who are going through processes of stress or anxiety.
  • Crocheting improves our mood: Being alone we also enjoy and savor the silence of our thoughts.
  • Improve our manual motor skills: The exercise of crocheting forces us to keep our hands moving and to avoid stiff or stiff hands. This healthy exercise is worth practicing for at least an hour a day.
  • Crocheting raises our self-esteem: Crocheting has one goal. Finally getting patterns for baby blankets can be something really rewarding, it is to set a goal and achieve it.

Step by step crochet magic circle

  • We begin by wrapping the strip in the palm of the hand so that the end of it is below.
  • We take the back strip with the needle and take it out through the central hole.
  • Then we make a loop and pass it through the hole in the stitch.
  • Thus we obtain the initial knot, but this knot does not count as a point or chain.
  • We press a little to adjust and continue bringing the needle to the center of the circle.
  • Then we take the thread from the back with the needle and bring it to the front needle to the center of the circle.
  • We take the back strip, we bring it to the front.
  • We make a loop and close the point by passing the strip through the hole in the previous point.
  • We continue making the number of points we want.
  • Then it only remains to pull the minor thread very hard to form the magic ring.
  • For the next round, we begin to knit in the first point of the ring unless the pattern indicates to close it.
  • Then, we close the circle with a slip stitch.

How to knit a triple-double crochet pattern?

  • As always, a chain stitch should be knitted as long as it takes to start with the other stitches. It should be borne in mind that 5 more chains must be added to the chain points that are made in order to make the turn.
  • To start with the triple treble crochet, you must make three loops over the needle and then pass the needle through the sixth chain stitch. After passing it you should have 5 stitches on the needle.
  • Then you must take another loop and pass it inside two of the 5 points you had.
  • Take another loop and run it through two of the stitches. You should have three on the needle.
  • Make another loop and repeat the procedure in the previous steps. Two of the stitches remain on the needle.
  • Finally, pass a loop and pass it through all the remaining stitches.