Katech 8 pcs Crochet Hooks DIY Yarn Weave Craft Tools Knitting Needles Kits Crochet Set with Ergonomic Plastic Handle Marked Different Small Sizes (1.0mm – 2.75 mm) for Fine Work and Lace Knitting

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How to hold the crochet hook

  • It is in the same posture of holding a pen, support it with the middle finger of the dominant hand and hold it with your index and thumb.
  • Then holding the thread in your hand.
  •  It has the vital role of maintaining the tension of the yarn to make it easier to crochet.
  • Thread the thread between the little finger and the ring finger.
  • And through the palm, between the middle finger and the index finger.
  • Hold the hand and grasp the thread with your middle finger and thumb.
  • Pass the tread between your fingers, and you can keep moderate tension.

Crochet technique to do the Chain stitch

  • First, you make the ear and then with the needle you must pull the strand of thread through the one you already made. You must run it and adjust it to the size of the crochet so that your stitch does not become loose.
  • Now, leave the needle inside the buttonhole of the knot you made, pull the thread through the hole with it Technically, it is called making a loop.
  • In this step, the needle is no longer inside the loop of the knot but inside the loop, you passed. You should pass the loop through the stitch you made in the previous step again.
  • If they tell you, for example, that you should make eight chain stitches, you should pass the loop through the buttonhole eight times. Take care that the stitch is not too narrow or too loose, because when you start to learn and use the other stitches, at first you must insert the needle in the chain stitches that you have already made.
  • Repeat the second step until the chain is as long as you need it.

Benefit of crocheting

  • Reduces stress: When we do manual work, we forget about problems and relax. This is because the activity reduces blood pressure and releases the hormones serotonin and dopamine, responsible for causing feelings of pleasure and well-being. Therefore, crochet is also a way to be less anxious.
  • Improves concentration: As simple as it may be, manual activities require a lot of attention and concentration. Therefore, crochet can help a lot of people who are either very agitated or have difficulty concentrating.
  • Favors the joints of the hands: By moving your hands, you are exercising your joints. This exercise makes the connections between the bones remain lubricated, slowing the aging process and possible pain.
  • Helps prevent degenerative diseases: Activities that work concentration and motor coordination help in the prevention of degenerative diseases, because they keep the brain active. When producing crochet pieces, the person is working on preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, for example.
  • Fight depression: Keeping depression away is another advantage of keeping the brain active. An artisanal activity can be a new way of giving meaning to life, especially in old age. Therefore, needle and crochet thread can be a zealous and creative gift for your grandparents! But remember that, despite our example, depression can affect people of all ages.