Cro-Kits Baby Blanket Crochet Kit Complete with Yarn, Crochet Hook, Weaving Needle, Ribbon and Easy to Follow Instructions. (Lemon)

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How to make a seam on your crochet yarn?

  • Make a high point when you notice that a few inches are missing – 15cm to 25cm is a good measure,
  • Take two rings at that last high point,
  • Separate the beginning of the new yarn line and fold it in half,
  • Pull this thread with the needle and lace the yarn.
  • With the two threads attached to the other hand, lace the yarn,
  • Make the following stitches using the two threads, always passing them back and forth at the high points,
  • Keep both lines at work so that they are very secure and do not come loose quickly,
  • Repeat until the old thread is fully incorporated into the job, and now you will only use the new thread.

Crochet technique to do the Chain stitch

  • First, you make the ear and then with the needle you must pull the strand of thread through the one you already made. You must run it and adjust it to the size of the crochet so that your stitch does not become loose.
  • Now, leave the needle inside the buttonhole of the knot you made, pull the thread through the hole with it Technically, it is called making a loop.
  • In this step, the needle is no longer inside the loop of the knot but inside the loop, you passed. You should pass the loop through the stitch you made in the previous step again.
  • If they tell you, for example, that you should make eight chain stitches, you should pass the loop through the buttonhole eight times. Take care that the stitch is not too narrow or too loose, because when you start to learn and use the other stitches, at first you must insert the needle in the chain stitches that you have already made.
  • Repeat the second step until the chain is as long as you need it.

The benefit of crocheting

  • Crocheting and Insomnia. A study by Professor Herbert Benson of the Mind / Body Medical Institute found that 100% of patients with insomnia found an improvement in sleep by 90% by being able to eliminate the medication in a program that included crocheting. Focusing on repetitive activity calms and relaxes enough to make you more likely to fall asleep.
  •  Relaxation reduces irritability and restlessness. This activity can be helpful in times of stress, bad mood, frustration and boredom, a positive way out to keep a balanced state of mind.
  • Crafting as prayer. Prayer has been shown to have a wide range of health benefits, crocheting and crocheting can also be used as part of this process. See related articles.
  • Crafts with threads invite social relationships. No matter what health problem you have, these activities help to have a supportive community around you: through meetings in local and public places, in fairs and events in the sector, informally through connections in the stores, in virtual artisan communities, through generations.
  • Help in grieving processes. During periods of deep pain, it may seem impossible that you can return to certain normality and resume your routine. Crocheting and crochet can be a comforting aid during this period, something that can be done without much effort, in small doses and thus be able to momentarily disconnect from that deep pain. The textures and colors of the yarns, the warmth of the wool and the repetitive movements that are practiced can achieve a relaxed harmony that makes you feel good again.
  • Anti-stress effect. Stress is one of the main health problems today. The effects range from migraine and fatigue to heart failure and early memory loss. Reducing stress reduces illness. Crocheting or crocheting, as well as meditation, can be a daily way to minimize the effects of stress in life.