Pompom accessories step by step for winter

Introducing pompom accessories that you can easily make using woolen yarn. This is a method that even children using cardboard can easily make. Approximately 50 to 100 times of winding. If you don’t want to make it round when you cut it, it’s a must. Accessories that use warm pom poms make a big difference in winter fashion. Please enjoy the finished pom-poms as a corsage or hair elastic!

Material for pompom accessories

  • Wool
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Felt, beads, etc. if you like

Step 1: Prepare cardboard in a U-shape

Prepare a thick paper like the image. The length (side of image A) is about the size of the pompon you want to make + 1 cm. The width (side of image B) is a few centimeters larger than A. Make a notch in the middle to make a U-shape.

Step 2: Wrap the wool on cardboard for pompom accessories

Wrap the yarn around the cardboard prepared in step 1. The number of turns depends on the thickness of the yarn and the size of the pompom accessories you want to make, but a guideline is about 50 to 100 times. In order to prevent the cardboard from bending, I think it is better to wrap it around the person who does not have the notch.

Step 3: Move the wool yarn toward the cardboard notch

When the yarn is wound, move it to the side with the cut. Securely tie the middle with a woolen thread. In the image, we used a different yarn for clarity, but please use the same yarn.

Step 4: After connecting the yarn, pull out the cardboard

After tying the yarn, pull out the cardboard. When attaching to a muffler, make the yarn connecting the centers a little longer.

Step 5: Cut the upper and lower loops

 Step 6: Shape the wool pompom accessories

Shape it into a pom pom accessories with your hand

Step 7: Align the shape and complete them

The extra yarn is cut while the shape of the yarn pompon is further adjusted. If you don’t want to make it round, you should make it a little larger than the pompon you want to make, and adjust the size at the last cut.