Knitting scarves- fun, profitable and practical

Knitting scarves is fun, because it gives you an opportunity, as a knitter, to try every possible kind of fiber. With any one of thousands of stitch patterns. It’s the ultimate chance for creativity; knitting scarves for men, women, and children of all sizes and shapes!

Is it practical?

Knitting scarves is also very practical, for two reasons. First, you can use up odds and ends of yarn that aren’t big enough for any one project, but put together in a scarf might be fun or funky stripes or rectangles or blocks of color. Knitting scarves is also practical because most scarves can be done in less than two hours, some kinds of knitted scarves would take less than an hour. That means you can turn out a lot of scarves in a short time!

How to make money?

Finally, it is profitable because, as I said, everyone, it seems, likes to wear them, which makes it a huge market for you, as a professional knitter. And you aren’t just restricted to knitting scarves that can be worn in winter – there are summer scarves and other non-seasonal scarves that are worn as accessories, and have nothing to do with keeping warm.

Here are two free scarf patterns – the first one is for a decorative ‘any time’ scarf and the second is for a winter scarf. You can vary the sizes, colors, and types of yarn and make dozens of scarves just from these two patterns!

Drop-Stitch Knitting scarves

  • Using 5mm needles and any yarn, cast on 24 stitches
  • Rows 1-7: Knit (garter stitch)
  • Row 8: Change to 10mm needles, K1* YO twice, K1* repeat across.
  • Row 9: Change back to smaller needles, K across, dropping the YO’s.
  • Repeat rows 1-9 until the scarf is as long as you’d like it to be, and then end by knitting 6 rows.
  • Bind off, and add a fringe, if desired.

This scarf can also be varied in dozens of ways by making it narrower (for a summer ‘choker’ type scarf) or wider (for a shawl-type), and by varying the numbers of knit rows, or the number of times you wrap the yarn around in the yarn-overs. Have fun with it!

Ridge Scarf

  • With 7mm needles, cast on 30 stitches.
  • Knit four rows, purl four rows. Repeat until the scarf is as long as you like!

How easy is that? Have fun knitting scarves for profit!