Knitting Kits for beginners to get you started

Knitting kits for beginners make wonderful gifts and they consist of all the important knitting tools for a particular project along with step by step instructions. There are many different knitting kits available packaged up and everything included so that you can start knitting straight away.

Here are some knitting kits for beginners to get you started

  • Knitting Kits for beginners
  • Baby Knit kits
  • Bulky knitting kits
  • Sock knitting kit
  • Children’s knitting kit
  • Scarf knitting kit
  • Bear knitting kit
  • Winter knits kit
  • Travel knit kit
  • Ultimate knitting kits

Generally, for beginners, the knitting kit will contain a basic set of single-pointed needles and knitting tools that are designed to be used by beginner knitters.
Baby Knitting Kits usually contain a basic set of single-pointed needles, circular needles, double-pointed needles plus knitting accessories, and packaged together for those wishing to undertake a baby knitting project.

Bulking Knitting Kits contain a set of single-pointed needles and knitting accessories suitable for knitting with heavier weight yarns.

The ultimate knitting kit is one that includes everything you could possibly want, single pointed knitting needles, circular needles, bamboo needles, double-pointed needles – all in various sizes along with knitting accessories such as stitch holder, needle gauge, tape measure, row counter, Crochet Hook

Over time most knitters collect an array of knitting tools and accessories and their personal Knitting Kits for beginners will consist of all the knitting tools that they need, stored together in a bag the knitting kitt can easily be carried around with them so they can knit anywhere they like.